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Books of songs and trivia games for nursing homes/assisted living, etc.
Singing and dancing in the Streets... (Psychic)

Ken Burns Documentary
Check out "National Parks"
James A. Michener
To know the real pirates get, “Caribbean”
David McCullough
Learn about the people & events that created this great country.
Great read for teens, start saving now for 7 years to have a million dollars at 65 yrs old! See his chart
A review by Jill Allen of ForeWord Reviews for "ESCAPISM"

"Adduci humbly down plays his talent, as readers will quickly discover. His work reveals the thoughts of a wise man who did his learning in the road of life, and had the drive to continue his discoveries even as he was locked away."

"...anyone who escapes into this book will come away awed by the author's talent, and enlightened about prison life; as well as the little things that can change a man's outlook."

"...Although the author claims he lacks an education, he possesses an understanding of rhyme and reason meter that makes his poetry a joy to read. Contrary to his assertions, many nuggets of wisdom exist in this book."