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People/Subjects of Interest:
Books of songs and trivia games for nursing homes/assisted living, etc.
Singing and dancing in the Streets... (Psychic)

Ken Burns Documentary
Check out "National Parks"
James A. Michener
To know the real pirates get, “Caribbean”
David McCullough
Learn about the people & events that created this great country.
Great read for teens, start saving now for 7 years to have a million dollars at 65 yrs old! See his chart
The Camping Trip to adjust to different situations in life, to listen and learn, appreciate what you have, take responsibility, stay young at heart, take care of the environment, stay busy, make your own fun, and have courage and common sense. The Camping Trip doesn't just entertain; it makes you think.

The Camping Trip was written to be read in one sitting. Often, children will lose interest in a story if it is too long. I wanted them to be able to enjoy the experience of reading a complete story; and then to anticipate reading another book. To get a child interested in reading is a major accomplishment and a step in the right direction.

Ray Bradbury (the science fiction writer) shared a story to explain his extraordinary imagination. At the age of 7 he would visit his local library and take out 10 books a week. He would hurry home and read everything he could. This shows the importance of reading at a young age.
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