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People/Subjects of Interest:
Books of songs and trivia games for nursing homes/assisted living, etc.
Singing and dancing in the Streets... (Psychic)

Ken Burns Documentary
Check out "National Parks"
James A. Michener
To know the real pirates get, “Caribbean”
David McCullough
Learn about the people & events that created this great country.
Great read for teens, start saving now for 7 years to have a million dollars at 65 yrs old! See his chart

Escapism, is about my feelings and insights from 1990-1993 of lost freedom, lost loves, and how I delt with my mew world. I crawled inside my head and found someone that I forgot was there.

I notice that most authors have college degrees and have done much travelling. The things I have learned in life were through keen observations, and paying attention to what's going on in one's own back yard. "Thinking is the best way to travel", The Moody Blues.

"Escapism" is for people going through the "trials and tribulations" of life. Hopefully my writings will bring you peace, understanding and some direction in life. Oh, by the way, don't let the word 'poems' scare you away. I hated poetry in school, I couldn't understand it. But my poems are written for the everyday person, they are easy to understand.
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